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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Work From Home Companies and Resources

This list is not complete or comprehensive - I will be updating it and adding more information as I come across it. These companies are all legitimate, and I have personally used almost all of them.

There are definitely some great resources that any person who desires to work from home should check out thoroughly. My favorites that have really helped me the most are:

  • http://www.wahm.com/ This website is beyond amazing. Those of you who are not mothers, don't be discouraged by the fact that it is a work at home mom site, it is an excellent resource to have and the members of this community are so helpful. There is a thread specifically dedicated to just job leads.
  • http://www.workplacelikehome.com/ Another amazing community very similar to WAHM. In fact, the two are nearly identical in almost all respects. This is another great resource to have in your arsenal.
  • http://www.momdirect.info/ The woman who runs this blog works very hard to check out her resources and keep all job listings up to date. There is a specific section for job leads with just about any category of job you can think of.
In addition to these great resources, some places that I would highly recommend working for are:

  • Appen (formerly Butler Hill)  Very good paying company, position is part-time, and you get paid by the hour. My first choice for working from home. 
  • Lionbridge Another very good company to work for. Very similar to Appen - part-time with very good hourly pay. 
  • http://www.odesk.com This website is full of work from home opportunities for people with every type of background. Some are very good paying, while others are not. Different companies post their open positions to this site, you apply directly from oDesk, and will be contacted by the client if they are interested in having you work with them. Just be careful - there are many people that will try and underpay you - be sure you don't apply for less than you are willing to work for.
  • http://www.westathome.com/ This is the at home version of West Telemarketing. This is an at home, call center type job, but you are an actual employee of the company and are not working as a freelancer, which means you qualify for the benefits.
  • http://www.cloud10corp.com/ Another at home call center job. Outsources to large clients.
  • http://www.liveops.com/ Same as cloud10, call center that outsources to larger clients.
  • http://typists.quicktate.com/ This is a freelance audio transcription job. You basically transcribe customers voicemail messages. This is by no means a high paying position, however, it is a pretty steady flow of work during the week and makes for a nice side income.
Another great option to consider is writing at home. If you are good at writing essays, articles, how-to's, tech quides, or anything else, this is definitely something you should consider. You can EASILY make a very nice income with these sites:

  • http://www.demandstudios.com/ This is an amazing site for writers. One of the highest paying per article sites out there. You are considered a freelancer with this company, and write for sites like eHow.com. Just be careful, they are a little strict on their policies and who they let in, but are definitely a great company to work for.
  • http://www.breakstudios.break.com/ Another great company for writers. This is also considered a freelance position. This site is similar to Demand, but is a little less demanding on their policies.
  • http://www.textbroker.com/ A nice back up for Demand and Break, the articles here don't pay nearly as much as the previous 2, but they are fun topics that are easy to write. It makes for a nice side income in addition to whatever else you decide to do.
  • http://www.internetbrands.com/ A great company to work for, and is among one of the higher paying article sites out there. This is a freelance position.
  • http://www.brighthub.com/ This site has some upfront paying articles, and some articles that are performance payment based. It just depends on the "channel" you work for. You can work for multiple channels.
  • http://www.wordgigs.com/  The pay leaves something to be desired, but the articles are super easy to write, so can be written quickly - which helps to make up for the smaller price per article.
I don't personally work in this field, but for those of you interested I wouldn't dream of leaving it out, that is, the area of adult work at home jobs. These include, texting, phone actress, and web cam. The majority of the info I have on this field of work at home opportunities can be found in the following places:
  • http://www.textilicious.com/ A forum dedicated almost entirely to adult work at home jobs. Contains job leads, suggestions, and company lists. A good place to start looking for work of this nature.
  • http://www.papillonagency.com/ This company hires both chat and phone operators. Click on the "Employment" tab for the phone app, and on the left side you will also see the chat app.
  • http://www.mygirlfund.com/ I'm not entirely sure how this site works, what I do know is that it is chat, pictures, and web camming (you do not have to do all, and nudity is not required). You are paid through the customer, not a by the hour or minute rate, like almost all adult sites, the site takes a portion of your profits.
My last suggestion as a last resort or filler is turking. For those who do not know, turking is basically completing short tasks for minimal pay. Here are the places I know of:
  • http://www.mturk.com/ This is a turk center owned by Amazon. Be wary, there are some on here that are just trying to get you to sign up for their sites, so choose your turk hits wisely.
  • http://cloudcrowd.com/ A turking site that operates through Facebook. This is mostly editing and rewriting foreign sites that have been translated into English. You need to complete the first task on the list in order to qualify for the others.
One very important thing to keep in mind when searching for at home employment is to always go with your gut. If something sounds outrageous or too good to be true, it probably is. Also, no legitimate work from home opportunity will ask you to pay any money up front - if this happens, it is a scam and you should run the other way. I hope that my research will help to really benefit some of you. We all deserve to do something that we enjoy doing for as Confucius once said, "Do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life."

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