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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mrs. Butterworth's Family Fun Sweet-stakes (ends 4/30/2014)

Click here  and fill out the form to enter into the Mrs. Butterworth's Family Fun Sweet-stakes for your chance to win a family vacation to Busch Gardens. There are 2 promotion periods per month, be sure to enter once during each period! (ends 4/30/2014)

ENTRY& DRAWING PERIODS                                                          =  

1st entry period:  1/01/2014  to  1/15/2014 
2nd entry period: 1/16/2014  to  1/30/2014
3rd entry period:  1/31/2014  to  2/14/2014 
4th entry period:  2/15/2014  to  3/01/2014
5th entry period:  3/02/2014  to  3/16/2014 
6th entry period:  3/17/2014  to  3/31/2014
7th entry period:  4/01/2014  to  4/15/2014 
8th entry period:  4/16/2014  to  4/30/2014

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